Show Notes

Episode Seven & Eight

We talk marriage. Our marriages aren’t perfect but we both are pretty thankful for our spouses and our marriages. Join us in episode seven for a chat with Danae and her husband, David. Then in episode eight, join Jennifer & Russell.

Next episode Danae and Jennifer will chat about our conversations with our spouses and any questions we may have for each other, as well as any questions our listeners may have! Join us over on instagram for our post on these episodes to leave your questions or email us from the contact page.

Episode Six

Meal Planning & Grocery Shopping is what we discuss this week! We talk about how we plan (or don’t!) and where and how we shop!

*Audio quality is a bit off for this episode, sorry you can hear the house next door being built but this is real life. 😉

Danae is:

Watching- Harry Potter Movies

Reading- Nothing this time…life!

Loving- Purging things before selling their house.

Eating- Homemade bread

Jennifer is:

Watching- The Goldbergs 

Reading- Tell Me More by Kelly Corrigan

Loving- Her new skincare routine

Eating- Birthday Cake Ice Cream from our local shop in Wilmington NC, Boombalatti’s 

Danae is a big fan of Aldi. Jennifer shops at all.the.places. but mostly Trader Joe’s, Aldi, Costco, and Walmart for pickup orders when she doesn’t want to shop at all!

Jennifer recommends:

Paprika App and Bri McKoy 

Lazy Genius Podcast by Kendra Adachi



Episode Five

Cleaning & Organizing! Just in time for Spring. We went a little chatty this episode but you can dive in or you can listen to the cleaning & organizing sections separately. 😉

Jennifer is:

Watching- Queer Eye on Netflix

Reading- Nothing this week 😉

Loving- Being Outside!

Eating- Starburst Jelly Beans


Danae is:

Watching- NCIS

Reading- Cozy Minimalist Home by Myquillyn Smith

Loving- March Madness

Eating- err drinking… Ginger Tumeric Tea from Trader Joe’s


We discussed:

Clean Mama

Shark Steam Mop


Grove Collaborative

Love Meg

Clean My Space

Tidying Up- Book & Show

House Peace Go follow her on IG!


Episode Three

In this episode Jennifer & Danae discuss travel. Their favorites and well a few…not so favorite. We discuss where we are off to next and we also discuss if we splurge or save when traveling. Join us for this conversation over on instagram, are you a budget traveler or a luxury traveler??

Danae is:

Listening to: Sleep With Me Podcast

Loving: Planning their next housing adventure.

Eating: Mexican Food!


Jennifer is:

Watching: Dawson’s Creek

Reading: Deep Work by Cal Newport

Loving: Wilmington, NC – where Jennifer & her family now live!

Eating: Seafood


Episode Two

In this episode Jennifer (type one) & Danae (type eight) discuss the enneagram and how it’s helped them in their lives and relationships with others. Join us for this conversation over on instagram as there’s a question for listeners at the end and we’d love to hear from you!


In this episode Jennifer is:

Watching- Schitt’s Creek

Reading- Dare To Lead

Loving- The Beach!

EatingLay’sSweet Southern Heat BBQ

Danae is:

Watching– Basketball

ReadingThe Road Back To You & The Path Between Us

Loving- REI Backpack

Eating- Corn Chowder, check out Danae’s Recipe:

Handful of red potatoes (1lb ish)
2 cans cream corn
2 cans whole kernel corn
Package of real bacon bits
2 tablespoons or a little more butter
1/4 cup flour
One container heavy cream
1 32 oz container chicken broth
Minced garlic
Salt and pepper
In a large stock pot, on low heat begin with the bacon bits. After a few minutes add the butter. Let those melt together then add the onions. After a few minutes and the onions are soft, add flour and garlic. Mix those together for a minute. Turn up heat to medium. Add chicken broth, corn, and potatoes. Then add spices. Bring to a soft boil then turn to low heat. Stir every 10 minutes until potatoes are soft. Add heavy cream until heated through. Enjoy! (Can top with cheese and a few more bacon bits)


We also mentioned:

The Enneagram Institute

All Good Things Collective Enneagram Line

Enneagram & Coffee on IG

Sleeping at Last

For The Love Podcast w/ Jen Hatmaker & Ian Cron

Join the conversation! Leave us a comment or email us at You can find us on Instagram as @marvelousmesspodcast. Thanks so much for listening!

Episode One

In episode one, we introduce you to ourselves and to the podcast. We can’t promise that our podcast will be about any one topic in particular, but we can promise we will talk about something 😉 Listen as we discuss how we came to this conclusion. We will usually talk about something we think will provide entertainment, and hopefully sometimes -some things that will provide value. 😉 Welcome to the marvelous mess!


In this episode Danae is:

Watching- Great British Baking Show on Netflix

Reading- 100 Days to Brave

Loving- her new office her husband set up for her business, Out On A Limb 

Eating– Peppermint Oreos, or the Aldi version 😉

Jennifer is:

Watching– Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix

ReadingWondering Years by Knox McCoy

Loving- simplifying our home

Eating- easy meals during this busy season


Join the conversation! Leave us a comment or email us at You can find us on Instagram as @marvelousmesspodcast. Thanks so much for listening!